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Michael Jackson: The Virgo In a World Apart |

Michael Jackson: The Virgo In a World Apart |

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The late, great Michael Jackson always displayed a Leo's flashy style, but he was born with his Sun in modest Virgo. The self-critical nature of this zodiac sign can lead to shyness (think Michael Jackson's last few years, all but living as a recluse). Dark Pluto's conjunction to Michael's Virgo Sun added power, mystery and -- in the end -- danger to his personality.

Before his recent, untimely death by heart attack on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was long considered one of the most enigmatic celebrities on the planet. A star since early childhood and the creator of some of the most popular and recognizable music of his time, his legal difficulties have outshone his musical work in recent years. Born August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, Michael was a Virgo, the zodiac sign of the clean, careful and quirky. In the latter half of his career, this germ-phobic performer seemed to have embraced the shadow side of Virgo's characteristics.

The astrological explanation for this is the close conjunction of Pluto, the planet of extremes, to Michael Jackson's Sun. Pluto's presence empowered Jackson with almost superhuman skills as an entertainer; unfortunately, Pluto is associated with the mythological Lord of the Underworld, which means Pluto's presence also revealed the potential for Jackson's dark side and deep secrets that require complete privacy -- this explains why Jackson demanded complete control of his environment, and why he left the stage and studio to create his own, childlike haven (Neverland Ranch in California). Trust doesn't come easily for Pluto types, even ones who weren't famous at the age of six. The Sun is also a symbol for the father, with Michael's famously controlling and allegedly abusive papa (Joe Jackson) well-represented by Pluto in his son's chart

The finely tuned precision of Michael's Sun wouldn't have attracted audiences and produced beautiful music without the exquisite sensitivity of Jackson's Pisces Moon. The Moon represents feelings, and none are more refined than those of the last sign of the zodiac. This gave Michael Jackson the lush imagination to complement and inspire his truly Virgo, high-level skills. People with their Moons in Pisces often live in a world without emotional boundaries; they're sponges who pick up on the reactions of those around them.
This is a gift when it comes to healing others and tapping into a bottomless well of creativity. But it can also bring a sense of uncertainty, an unrooted quality that makes for restless souls. Faith helps overcome this vulnerability, as Pisces Moons often find the universal connection they seek through religion or spiritual practice. Still, Michael remained isolated by his uniqueness, separated by actions both inspired (his relentless musical creativity) and profane (his questionable relationships with young boys) that made him so different from the rest of us.
His rare musical brilliance shone most brightly through the symbol of artistic Venus in the expressive sign of Leo. But Michael's Venus was both gifted and complicated by its close proximity to Uranus, the planet of uniqueness. Venus-Uranus people bring fresh perspectives to the arts and often break the boundaries of old categorizations. The success of the quirky Plutonian hit 'Thriller' was a breakthrough for African-American artists in the culture of early MTV, showing how this placement of Venus and Uranus added sparkle and freshness that excited audiences and confounded critics -- Michael Jackson did not fit into any conventional category as a performer.

On a personal level, this relationship between Venus and Uranus could hint at unusual relationship preferences, as well as a fear of being confined by love. The vast majority of individuals with this combination in their chart are in no danger of violating laws or shocking the community. Yet in Michael Jackson's case, the absence of clear sexual orientation (or the questionable ways he tried to express his sexual orientation) have sadly become his most publicized characteristics in recent years.

It is unfortunate that a profoundly talented soul -- and such a creative mind -- made his mark on pop culture, only to have it marred. With this Venus-Uranus placement, it remains unclear whether Jackson broke any laws, or if he truly was just an eccentric with an innocent -- if misunderstood -- love of children.

Whether guilty of crimes or not, however, Michael may have felt that in his uniqueness there was also something deeply wrong with him, as if his creative genius had not put him above us, but had simply set him apart. Interestingly, the strength of all these elements -- his honed Virgo work ethic, his highly imaginative Pisces Moon, his Venus-Uranus-inspired way of flaunting convention, even the Plutonian tendencies to push musical boundaries to the extreme -- truly combined to make Jackson the once and future King of Pop.

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