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Friday, April 27, 2007

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Go blogging

Google employees show youngsters how easy
it is to create and maintain blogs.
Want to create a blog and share your views
with people across the world?
It is easy - go to (owned by Google)
and type your user name and password and your blog gets created.

wait for Google Bloggers Educational Van
with a group of Google employees tried
to create awareness among particularly youngsters
who are not hooked to blogs.

The van visit Universities and Lifestyle as part of this campaign.
The employees explained how simple it was to create
a blog and maintain it.
The blog can be used as a personal dairy
or for sharing views on any subject.

According to an estimate done in November 2006,
about 60 million people in the world blogged.
"In the metropolitan cities, many people know about blogs.
So, we selected second tier cities like
to create awareness," said a Google employee.
Presently the mobile van will move across the Hydrabad city
stopping at
MPM Mall (Abids) on April 26,
Prasads Imax and City Center (Banjara Hills) on April 27
CIEFL and Hyderabad Central (Punjagutta) on April 28.

dates and venue will be give for