Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebrity Deaths: Is There a Cosmic Connection? from Cosmic Reporter's Tarot Blog

Celebrity Deaths: Is There a Cosmic Connection? from Cosmic Reporter's Tarot Blog

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As you probably already know, today brought the untimely deaths of two American pop culture legends: bombshell actress Farrah Fawcett and “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Two days ago, we also said goodbye to TV personality/television host/all-American good guy Ed McMahon, a loss which came fast on the heels of actor David Carradine’s tragic end.

Although there is no stand-out cosmic explanation for the sudden rash of celebrity deaths, master astrologer Jeff Jawer offers a couple insights, noting, “Monday’s New Moon in cozy Cancer was opposite Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, setting the stage for some dramatic exits. Pieces of our cultural history are leaving with the departures of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed MacMahon.” He adds, rather optimistically, “Expansive Jupiter’s close conjunction with spiritual Neptune is a great time to make an escape. The recent deaths of so many famous people may look like a tragic loss to the living but could be a joyous journey for those who have left us.

Still, it is interesting to look at each celeb's Sun sign to see what we can learn about their deaths.

Michael Jackson
The often scandalous saga of Michael Jackson's life came to a sad, shocking end when he died suddenly of a heart attack. He was only 50, and although he had spent the better part of his last decade either in court or in seclusion, his fame never waned. His Virgo sense of perfectionism (combined with his romantic Pisces Moon) had awarded him an outstanding career, from endearing child star to King of Pop to eccentric legend. True to Virgo form, he was defined by his career (after all, he penned some of the most enduring pop hits of our time) and was strongly influenced by his surroundings, which prompted him to create his own paradise in California, Neverland Ranch. For a time, he could tap into his fantasy-driven Pisces Moon and create his own reality. Sadly, he was taken just as this same ability to dream prompted him to organize an epic comeback tour.

Read more about Michael Jackson's unique astrological profile here, and please, feel free to leave your own reflections on these dearly-departed celebs in the comments section.

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