Friday, August 10, 2007

The first annual CEAT Mumbai Xpress Autorickshaw Rally 2007

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" This is an opportunity like no other to experience an unbelievable adventure in India, pushing your levels of endurance, experiencing the crazy Indian night life along the way in places like Goa, and all the while knowing it's all for a worthy cause. This is your chance! Let out that wild and spontaneous side of you, and challenge yourself through an unbelievable course through India.

Here's what you'll see and do- Your course will lead you along awesome coastlines, flooded streets, gorgeous mountains, exquisite valleys, and the omnipresent Indian population. Whilst travelling through fascinating, intriguing places you will be set physical and intellectual tasks. Complete them all and you can be crowned the first CEAT Mumbai Xpress Autorickshaw Rally 2007 World Champion! The competition for the crown is always fun and fierce, but it’s the adventure itself that brings all the participants from around the world together.

Autorickshaw :

An autorickshaw (auto or rickshaw or tempo in popular parlance) is a vehicle usually for hire and is one of the chief modes of transport in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka it is also popular in many other countries. It is a motorized version of the traditional rickshaw, a small two- or three-wheeled cart pulled by a person, and the velotaxi. The autorickshaw is also related to its Thai cousin, the tuk-tuk and the Bajaj in Indonesia. Some more ways this is called are auto rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, autorikshaw, auto rikshaw, auto-rikshaw. Motorized rickshaw, Motorized rikshaw, Tuktuk, Three wheeler and in many parts of India simply as AUTO.

DAY 7 - Karwar:

The beautiful Devabagh Beach in Karwar is said to have inspired Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to write his first play. It is easy to see where his inspiration could have come from - this charming town has a port that is protected from the harsh winds by five beautiful islands. It has all the makings of a perfect holiday with gentle waves, palm-laced beaches, silver sand, and calm, peaceful coves. It is sure to leave an everlasting impression on your mind...

Today is their Halt at Karwar at Hotel Bhadra, Kodibag, N.H.17...

And here are the Pictures I clicked....

indian auto rickshaw challenge

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