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Sharky Bids is an online auction site that offers incredible saving to consumers. Up to 99% off RRP is offered on genuine, brand name products which are brand new direct from trusted retailers.

Sharky Bids auction off products like Apple iPhone, laptops, Xbox, big screen TVs, digital cameras, cash and more every day.

"What is SharkyBids? is a new and exciting auction concept, that lets users win some of the best bargain deals online! They auction away brand new, top-name, high quality products at only a fraction of their retail cost. They do this by charging users a small fee for each bid placed, just $ 0.40-0.60 depending on the size of the Bid Pack you purchase, to support our crazy bargain prices. The prices are converted automatically to your local currency. You will find completely ridiculous prices in all of our auctions that start at 0 with no reserve. Take a look at the items they are currently auctioning, and if there's one you want, why not buy some bids?

Every day we auctions off auctions at incredibly low prices. The winners of our auctions typically save between 96 – 99% off the recommended retail price!
Unlike conventional auctions, users pay for each bid they place on an auction. When a bid is placed, the price increases by one penny and the time extends by 10 seconds. The winner is the final bidder when the timer says GONE.
Sharky Bids makes money through purchased bids, allowing us to auction products off at unbelievably low prices.

It is free to sign up and create an account on our website.
If you see an auction you'd like to participate in, simply purchase a bid package to credit your account with bids. A positive bid balance will give you the right to start bidding on any of our auctions. Buying a bid package does not mean you are an automatic winner, you utilise each bid to try to outbid any the competition!
Next, select a product that you would like to win. There are two ways to bid:
Single Bids – single bids are placed by using the “BID” button. You control when you bid and how often you bid.
Bid Buddy – the Bid Buddy does the bidding for you! It can be an effective way to intimidate any competition. The majority of our auctions are won using the Bid Buddy. Click on the “Use a Bid Buddy” link for an explanation on how the Bid Buddy works.
Remember, each time a bid is placed the auction time will extend by 15 seconds. The objective is for you to be the final bidder when the auction timer reaches zero. If there are no further bids placed from other users, the auction timer will hit zero and you will be declared the winner.
Unlike other penny auctions, you are not required to pay the final price shown. Shipping is free worldwide. Check the auction description to see what countries the product is shipped from to determine if customs duties will be payable.
For more information check out our help section or contact us!
Sharky Bids

Wednesday, May 19, 2010